Children’s innocence is a wonder to us all, and the camera loves their little faces! Children won’t be told to say cheese, but will be encouraged to have fun as I document their expressions and character. Play brings out many opportunities for unique photography. A children or family shoot can be photographed in the comfort of your own home or a place where you as a family love to be, a woodland or park maybe? You may have your own idea of where you would like some photos, London Landmarks or a beach somewhere. A shoot lasts roughly an hour but can last longer. Even though I am London based I am willing to travel, so please do get in touch.

“Love Virginia, if you would like a photographer that blends into the party and becomes part of it Virginia is your girl. Capturing moments that more formal photographers miss. Discreet but in the centre of the action. Personal, friendly great with children, animals, and tactful in any situation. Thoroughly recommend Virginia for any occasion, party event!!!! ” Collette Hylton